OUTSIDETAIV on Radio Residency

This Audio is Visual and Outside Radio are both podcasting platforms founded respectively by ANDYMKOSI and Nikho Mageza. An award nominated podcast, This Audio is Visual, archives and profiles visual artists in the diaspora and around the continent of Africa. Nikho Mageza’s platform, Outside Radio, navigates the human experience of Black bodies in South Africa including the dispersed bodies through exile or choice.

With both platforms having a similar vested interest, it only made sense to meet the minds and create this work.

OutsideTAIV on Radio, was the name of the four week residency; on Cape Town’s first community radio station, Bush Radio. The show aired Saturdays between 12 and 4pm.

It was important for us to come together as female led podcasters to produce a show which filled a vacant gap about the vast Art community in Cape Town. It was important to display the art which helps us get through.

The show had a number of guests such as Poet- Zizipho Bam, Stylist and Magazine Curator- Tandekile Mkize, Rapper- Blue K, Guitarist and Composer, Zwide Ndwandwe of Kujenga and more. It was also imperative to give opportunities to artists who hailed from our townships and maybe wouldn’t have had the opportunity such as some of the DJs.

Our discussions on the show really looked into making sure our listeners left with a piece of information they could use in their own life.

The story started with what we know best, podcasting. We unpacked the hardships of owning platforms and content creation. We then looked at the impact and influence South Africa has to the rest of the world through music, fashion, and the arts.

We also had a very important discussion of, as artists, what we believe is of value and the importance of leaving a planned legacy. And ended off with a discussion about personal heritage and how it is important to keep digging and learning in order to show up in the world as a better you.

Nikho at Bush Radio’s production Studio, 18 September

We hope to have more of these kinds of residencies and hopefully, we can share the podcasting skill with young girls in the township, starting with Langa. Where Nikho and ANDYMKOSI are from.